My Aroma Rice Cooker Review

Aroma 12-Cup Sensor Logic is a great and affordable rice cooker. And if your household is anything like mine, i’m sure it will be a great addition to your kitchen. Comes in an easy to use Keep-Warm and White Rice, Brown Rice, Steam, Slow Cook, Oatmeal, Soup and Cake functions in its control panel, It’s a great multi-purpose and easy-to-use rice cooker on a very great price, and also the best Aroma rice cooker.
As the name suggest, it can yield and hold 12 cups of cooked rice from 6 cups of uncooked rice. The design is modern, egg shaped, and the control panel in the front are easy to understand and use. It also has a handle, making it easier to bring with you whenever you need it.

Aroma rice cooker is one of, if not the best rice cooker maker in the U.S, and in this model they are offering their Sensor Logic technology, which i found similar to the fuzzy logic offered by other brands. It’s able to change heating time automatically by ‘sensing’ outside temperature, elevation, and measurement errors.

With the affordable price tag, I found that the cooked rice taste is always consistent, the settings let you choose grain types, and so far it’s working well for me. The only thing i found lacking is the ability to select the texture you like. But its default setting works well with me.

What I also like is the steamer function. The white basket provided for steam use are in good size, once again the easy to use control panel makes it even easier to steam your cooking needs. It also came with Aroma only sauté-then-simmer function which creates a high heat first, then switches automatically to simmer once you add liquid. I also find the detachable power cable interesting because i cannot find it in similar product in its price range.