How I Discovered The Best Kitchen Knife for My Cooking

I am that type of a person who loves cooking. I can spend a lot of money buying magazines that talk about cooking. These magazines have many different recipes that usually make my family smile. In weekends, my whole family will gather around the dining table expectantly. I enjoy the way my kids will cut the silence in excitements by asking questions like, dad what is the surprise today? Well, apart from cooking a nice meal for my family; I understand a good knife would quicken things for me. For several months, I have been using a poorly shaped knife, which by the end of cooking; I usually discover some reddish scars in my hand caused by the poorly designed knife.

knife (2)

I decided enough is enough, and began my search for a good kitchen knife. The first place I thought of was the internet, so I went for my computer and began the search, hoping to find an article titled the best kitchen knife set. At first, I never knew where to begin from, but I figured out to call a friend of mine for a suggestions, concerning a type of knife I must buy so as to enjoy the chopping and cutting of foodstuffs in my kitchen. She recommended the Wusthof Classic 3-piece starter set. She also advised me to go for the knives that are well designed to fit the curvature of the palm. She reminded me to also consider blades. Best kitchen knives will have handles that have been manufactured purposely to be safe even when dipped in dishwater. In this way, handles will not get off, so the knife will always feel comfortable in the palms.

I also had an idea that a good kitchen knife should have blades that can offer solutions for the varied cutting situations. After doing several researches, I discovered that knives are designed to suit their tasks. For instance, the large butcher knives are not effective when it comes to slicing things like bread and vegetables. For chopping and slicing vegetables, the Pure Komachi 2 santoku knife from Kershaw seems like a good choice. Recently, I went shopping and did a thorough selection from the best chef knife reviews, and am lucky to say that even though my family enjoys my food, I also enjoy the cooking than before, since I have best knives in my kitchen.